The Capital Spillway Trust

Local Job Creation for the people, managed by the people

  It is proposed to establish a new, private, citizen owned, savings institution; which will be charged with the remit
to enable the savings of local communities to be channelled, back into the community, as new equity capital to create jobs.
A completely new form of savings institution, owned by the ordinary people; acting in their own best interests.
Savings invested as new equity capital, on free enterprise terms, into local employment in their own local community.

Local Free Enterprise for the people, managed by the people themselves.

We aim to: Dramatically increase the invested equity capital base of the small business sector by the operation of a simple rule structure.
Create a large flow of investment without the need to create any new government departments or other large bureaucracy.
Keep the overheads of any “Local” Capital Spillway Trust funds to a minimum.

A fully competitive, free enterprise, open to all marketplace, designed to supply equity capital to a much wider range
of new, privately owned start-ups, new/high technology firms and small businesses on acceptable terms.

 The Capital Spillway Trust Proposal

The reader has to understand that I am an unfunded private inventor, living in the UK. However, the first stage of this exercise to demonstrate the effectiveness of my thinking regarding the use of equity capital placed at the grass roots of society can only gain traction from the external input of funding; something beyond my capacity. For that reason I have no option but to ask others to lend a hand in this exercise. If you feel this is a worthwhile endeavour, I ask you to please consider making a donation to: The Capital Spillway Trust in the first instance as a cheque made out to The Capital Spillway Trust and sent to my UK home address you will find here Contact
As funding becomes available, a web site and donation page will follow which will also give details of upcoming events. The first targeted to be the conference to quantify the aiming points already described in The Road Ahead from a Grass Roots Perspective.

The Capital Spillway Trust Constitution

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