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During early summer 2009, I brought together all my previous work on the subject of how we capitalise the creation of new jobs into The Road Ahead from a Grass Roots Perspective, sent a copy to The Times early September 2009 and from then on,
placed related comments on their web site This is the record of those comments.

From The Times - September to end December 2009

From The Times - January to February 23 2010

I believe they show, as well as any exercise imaginable; my power to think and argue my case. Who I am and what I stand for.

Please note: While these are my comments, they include material taken from The Times web site which relates to Copyright material owned by Times Newspapers as set out in their standard Terms and Conditions

Vanishing Bonds; Widening the debate for a better understanding

When I first wrote The Capital Spillway Trust Response to the Green Paper, Financing a private sector recovery, and came up with the concept of the vanishing bond, and as I was sure many others would have their own ideas of how a vanishing bond fund might be brought to fruition, I deliberately left out any detail of how to create such a fund; regardless that I did have my own ideas. Now that others have had the time to think through the possibilities, and that has, in turn, brought questions to the surface, I can now add some further detail to bring the whole debate up to date.

Vanishing Bonds; Widening the debate for a better understanding

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