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My track record in the debate about small business

I have a very long term record of involvement in the debate about the capitalization of small start-up businesses that started with my submission to The Wilson Committee during the 1970's. This was given a full page write up in Investors Chronicle, May 1978. My resulting lifetime as an Internationally recognised inventor and critical thinker led me to believe that there is a fundamental error in the way we capitalize new jobs.

During the 1990's I became involved in the debate surrounding the creation of Venture Capital Trusts by the UK government. My submission then became of sufficient value that I was interviewed by senior executives from the City of London at the behest of then Governor of The Bank of England, Mr. Eddie George; which reinforced my convictions in these matters. Recently my ongoing research led me to conclude that an equity capital based economy, using strips of farmland as the equity capital, started some 1,000 years ago. This was presented to the Bank of England Open Forum 2015 and you will see that I had included my earlier proposals to use free enterprise based equity capital to create 30 million new jobs throughout Europe.

Now I can bring the debate right up to date as today, it is fully recognised, that the economy of the entire Western world has flatlined for the last decade and the evidence of low prosperity, right down at the grass roots of almost every nation, has become very evident.

Recapitalisation Of The Grass Roots Economy - RecapGRE

Recently, I opened a debate with the United States, with a view to their taking my earlier, 30 million new jobs proposal, to emulate a past historical US success; the Oklahoma Land Rush. This has also now been debated upon the thread titled: Recapitalisation Of The Grass Roots Economy


The rest of my web site simply sets out the onging debate and the links below lead the way

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