The Capital Spillway Trust

Local Job Creation for the people, managed by the people

The Capital Spillway Trust response to the Green Paper; Financing a Private Sector Recovery

  Early in 2010, Mervyn King, Govenor, the Bank of England, sat down in front of a TV camera
and told everyone that we needed a new plan to overcome the nation's financial difficulties.
As I had such a plan already in place, I wrote to remind him of my previous contacts with the BoE
attaching a copy of my long term proposals for The Capital Spillway Trust.

Shortly thereafter Mr. King personally wrote to me to suggest that I send it all to the government.

That was just before the general election and they did not reply. Undaunted, immediately after the election, I wrote again,
this time to the Cabinet Secretary at 10 Downing Street. Then shortly thereafter, they announced a new Green Paper titled:

 Financing a Private Sector Recovery

As I see it, the United Kingdom is short of 6 million private sector jobs and as a consequence, needs a transfer of prosperity from the
existing Finance, Insurance and Real Estate, (FIRE), economy back into the grass roots of the nation. This is my considered response

 The Capital Spillway Trust Response to the Green Paper; Financing a Private Sector Recovery


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